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Nerd Picks Up Hot Girl On Beach With Remote Control Car Hacked With Camera And Speaker

This super RC nerd hooked up a remote control camera and speaker to his remote control car and drove it…

Remote Control Flying Shark Balloon Scares Cat

Air Swimmers are a new toy that an old concept and revitalized it. Remote control helium balloons have been around at…

Remote Control Baby Stroller

This video from 2009 has just gone viral and is featured on TastefullyOffensive. A baby carriage is hacked and connected…

SmartBird- Remote Control ‘Airplane Bird’

Festo made a robotic flying remote control bird. The bird looks and flies like a real bird. Not only is…

RC Flying Fish Balloon – Air Swimmers

You may have seen small helium balloons with some form of remote control, but these are much cooler. Air Swimmers…

First Person RC Airplane Recordings Of South America

Dude hooks up a camera to his remote control plane. Sit back and relax. The views are breath taking.


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