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News Anchor Dances To Shake It Off, Co-Anchor Is Not Impressed

Have you ever wondered what news anchors do during the commercial breaks? They usually just relax and prepare for the


WNG News Anchors Perform Epic Handshake During Commercial Break

Back in 2009, WGN News went viral with their unique video showing WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange performing their epic commercial


Traffic Reporter Performs “Just Don’t Go” Traffic Cover Of “Let It Go”

There have been countless covers of the award winning song Let It Go from Disney's latest animated feature film Frozen, but this


Canadian Sports Anchors Freak Out After Canada Beats USA In Hockey

America and Canada maybe close friends, but all the love steps to the side in the sports arena.  After a


Best Of Sportscasters Jay And Dan Compilation

Canadian sportscasters Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole have just moved to FOX Sports, and they're turning out to be a hit. To


News Reporters WTF Auto Tune Remix

NSFW Warning - Language! For popular remix artist Melody Sheep's latest piece, he drew inspiration from two classic viral videos. In


News Anchor Proposes Live On Air

Over the weekend, Mark Rivera went viral for being a perfect romantic. The news anchor had been dating fellow news reporter Alissa Groeninger


Lacrosse Reporter Booker Corrigan Eccentric Quotes Compilation

Booker Corrigan is already famous as one of the best high school sports announcers for his upbeat, likable personality, and his unique sayings and


Sports Reports Covers ‘Kitty Wrestling’ Fight At Animal Shelter

It must have been a slow news day, even for sports, because this sports reporter took his valuable airtime to


Reporter Freaks Out Covering Traffic: What’s The Big F***ing Deal?!?

NSFW - Lanuage Sometimes on the news, the dramatic intro music and graphics are more exciting than the actual content.


Black Hawks Fan Admits His Love To Sports Reporter Sarah Kustok

CSN reporter Sarah Kustok is a true fan favorite. While on the ice for a Shoot The Puck fan segment


News Anchor Bloopers 2011 Compilation

This video was uploaded online in August, and since then has steadily gone viral with over three million hits just