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Donald Trump Look A Like Reporter Fail

Sometimes, things just end in┬ádisaster. And I'm just talking about walking around town with a Donald Trump hair style. This…

Reporter Tells Rude Man To F*** Off, Take A Walk

NSFW - Language Reporting on the streets is much more difficult than in studio. The crew has to deal with…

Prankster Pulls Reporter’s Pants Down During Report

While giving a report on a coal power plant protest, a sneaky prankster snuck up behind the reporter covering the…

News Reporter Blooper, Calls Herself Stupid

WTNH News 8 prides themselves for their high quality news reporting. They would never hire a 'stupid' reporter. Except this…

News Reporter Hit By Snow Sled

This old video from 2008 went unseen for years. Just in the past couple days it became popular. A news…

Jim Knox Reporter Knocked Down By Cow Boy

For some these idiots run a huge buffalo around the field and I guess this reporter gets to close. One…


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