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Why Red Means Republican And Blue Means Democrat

For me as a foreigner US politics are highly interesting - and soo different. So perhaps you already knew, why


A Bad Lip Reading Of Ted Cruz

It's not easy being Ted Cruz. The entire left hates him. But after refusing to stand behind the Republican presidential


Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun On Stage At Republican National Convention

Late night host Stephen Colbert has made a career out of poking fun at the stereotypical older Republican leader. But he


Jimmy Fallon Parodies Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Speech

To the glee of his fans and the chagrin of nearly everyone else, Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump basically crushed it on


Republican 2015 Presidential Debate Real Slim Shady Rap Battle

Even though the 2015 Republican Presidential debate hosted by Fox News and Facebook took place a couple months ago, this


Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror

These days, you can't really expect to be a successful politician if you can't laugh at yourself. Republican presidential front


Hungarian-Born Billionaire Republican Publishes His Own Anti-Socialism Political Ad

With the presidential election coming closer everyday, radio, TV, and YouTube have been simply covered with political ads and messages.


Republican Girl: Why I’m Voting For Mitt Romney

Popular YouTuber Trisha GrindhouseBarbie can be simply described as the Republican version of a Jersey Shore cast member. Recently, she has become more


Bad Lip Reading Of The First Presidential Debate

Bad Lip Reading, the YouTube channel that puts very incorrect words into famous people's mouths, continues to grow in popularity. So naturally,


Mitt Romney Style Spoofs Gangnam Style

With voting day 2012 comes closer and closer everyday, more politically themed viral videos are going viralviral. Playing on the


Sarah Silverman Voter ID Suppression PSA

NSFW Warning - Language Sarah Silverman is back in the political spot light after her latest video concerning possible voter suppression


Chicago Young Republicans Blast Obama In Call Me Maybe Parody

While most of the Internet is focused with Romney, The Chicago Young Republicans jabbed at president Obama for his lack