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Elephant Sees Her Caregiver Being “Attacked”, Rushes To The Rescue

Elephant Protects Her Caregiver When She's Being "Attacked" In this amazing video we see a 17 year-old female elephant named


A Moose Getting Rescued From The Ice

People like Viktor Johannessen are the real heroes! "On our way to the hole, we saw the moose make several


Can This Man Open The Gate To Let Those Firemen In?!

What a hairy situation. This man puts everything into the opening of this closed gate to let those firemen in.


Hilarious Rescue Of A Fat Bike Stuck On An Electric Fence

This is a lot more entertaining than it should be! These guys got a fat bike stuck on an electric


Man Rescues Finch Frozen To Fence With His Breath

Oh, that poor little fella! Nelson Wilson rescued the little bird, after it got frozen to a fence. It's thank:


Two Year Old Miraculously Saves Twin Brother

This video of two twin boys falling down a cupboard is trending right now with over five million views already.


Man Punches Kangaroo In The Face To Rescue His Dog

What a horrible headline. But somehow this video of a man boxing a kangaroo went uber-viral, resulting in about five


Woman Rescues Herself From The Flood To The Roof Of Her Car

This woman got surprised with and stuck in a large body of water near Port de Sagunt. So her only

Elephant Comes To Rescue Man In River

Darrick and elephant Kham Lha at Elephant Nature Park have a very special bond. So when Darrick pretends to drown

Dog Got Saved Before Getting Strangled By Elevator

Wow, thank god for the fast reflexes from YouTuber Ben Duke who saved the life of a dog! "Dog wandered


Rescuing A Raccoon From Drowning

While celebrating the Fourth of July in the early morning, one of the crew members of DeltaBlues3 heard a quiet yelping sound. After


Kitten Trapped In Storm Drain Is Rescued

The human animals lovers who run the Cole and Marmalade YouTube channel heard cries for help coming from a storm drain. But