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Everything Wrong With Trendy Restaurants

At one point, fancy restaurant veered from serving delicious, gourmet food to instead focus on a more unique eating experience


Vegan Protesters Disrupt Steak House

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and can choose their own lifestyle. But it's not cool when you start attacking other


Switching Drivers At The Drive Thru Prank

He's probably most famous online pranking the workers at the drive thru. Now, magician Rahat is back for another epic fast


Restaurant Table Turns Into Digital Short Film While Guests Wait For Their Meal

There's nothing worse than waiting for your dinner when you're very hungry. To help pass the time, the techno-nerds at Skullmapping designed


The $12 McDonald’s Burger Is A Beast

McDonald's is in a tough situation. After seemingly growing and expanding for decades, the world famous American burger chain has


Crazy, Rude Woman At Kebab Shop Meets Karma At The End

We've all experienced it at least once before. We're out at a restaurant with friends or family to enjoy an evening


Robot At The Drive Thru Prank

Magician and prankster Rahat is famous for his epic pranks he pulls at the drive thru lane of fast food restaurants. Just


If Fast Food Commercials Were Honest

Fast food commercials are some of the most popular ads on television. The food just looks so good! The thing is,


Starbucks Manager Freaks Out At Customer Over Cookie Straw

Apparently, this Starbucks manager doesn't know that the customer is always right. When Ruby Chen went to a Starbucks on Broadway in


If Waiters Were Honest

One of the hardest jobs is being a waiter. Not only do you get blamed if the food is slow


Hungry Man Orders The Biggest Possible Custom Burger At McDonald’s

McDonald's has been struggling lately as consumers are seeking a more upscale product and experience. The world's biggest hamburger company is hoping


Are You Gonna Eat That? Music Video

Whenever you go out for dinner at a restaurant with friends there's always that one guy. The one vulture that scavenges