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‘Sexy’ Food Commercials Super Cut Remix

It's no wonder America is the fattest country in the world. Just look at our food commercials. Be it Burger


Waiter Serves 14 Cups Of Hot Tea At Once

Being a waiter is an extremely difficult job. You're on you feet all day, customers give you attitude, and the


Domino’s Pizza Japan Announces Plan To Open Restaurant On The Moon

Have you ever driven down Main street and get sick of seeing the same franchise restaurants over and over all


80’s Football Themed Hamburger Restaurant Commercial

Back in 1985, The hamburger joint Fuddrucker's made this commercial starring LSU coach Bill Arnsparger. The whole commercial is football


Indian Pizza Hut Employees Dancing

This video from 2007 just exploded in popularity. In India the workers give a little dance show for the customers


Wendy’s Employee Exposes Dirty Restaurant

Hernerrich took a video of the poor conditions of the Wendy's he worked at. There was black mold on the


Long Line For New In-N-Out Burger In Texas

Americans love their fast food burger joints and Texas is on top of that list. In-N-Out Burger started in the


KFC Worker Freaks Out

A customer says something to a KFC staff worker that really pushes him over the edge. We don't know what