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Marine’s Emotional Surprise Reunion With Younger Brother During Basketball Practice

This powerful video was published back in March, but has just surged in viewership now after being picked up by


Dog Fetching Ball Is Surprised By His Soldier Master Back From Deployment

This is the latest pet reunion video from the touching and uplifting WelcomeHomeBlog to go viralviral, amassing over 650,000 views in


U.S. Soldier Surprises Little Brother At School

There are countless wonderful and sweet military reunion videos out there thanks to the WelcomeHomeBlog, but this one really sticks


High School Senior Surprised By Her U.S. Soldier Father

After MSG Joseph D. of the U.S. Army returned home, there was one child he and his wife wanted to


Girl Reunites With Pack Of Wolves

This video from 2010 has started to trend this new year, and is rounding the blogosphere after being featured on


Excited Dog Greets Returning Soldier

Pets reuniting with their masters who were away at war are always a popular viral video genre. And Kdaisy84 is the latest


Military Dad Disguised As Captain America Surprises Young Son

The Internet's official tearjerker, TheWelcomeHomeBlog, features special videos of military personal reuniting with their family. This very special Captain America


Girl’s Tearful Reunion With Her Dog

Losing a dog can be devastating, especially for kids. For six months Holly was left in Dubai, but now she is


Boy’s Emotional Reunion With His Lost Cat

There are countless online videos of dog owners reuniting with their canines, and it's always an emotional scene. The people cry,


US Airman Surprises Grandpa

Adam wanted to surprise his family after serving in the Air Force for over a year. He nonchalantly walked up to


US Soldier Surprises Mom At Work

Joey has been serving in Kuwait for too long, but he finally got some vacation time to go home. He