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Waking Up A Dog With It’s Own Snoring

Tal Solomon had sweet revenge on his little dog that is always snoring when he sleeps. To wake him up


Jennifer Lawrence Revenge-Sprays A Huge Bus Display Of Chris Pratt

Yesterday I showed you the funny insult battle between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Besides BBC Radio the two actors


Man Gets Back At Cat By Waking Her With A Loud MEOW

Nick T's "Vengeance Meow" seems to hit a nerve with all those thousands of cat holders who get waken up


Never Steal A Jeep’s Parking Spot!

Rule #1: Don't steal another ones parking spot! Rule #2: If you do so, assure yourself, you don't happen to


What Brazilians Do To Guy Who Illegally Parked In A Handicap Spot Is The Best

Don't you just become enraged when you see someone who is obviously not disabled park in a handicap-only parking spot?


Dude Pulls Revenge Ghost Prank On His Friend

After getting pranked by his friend Erik, Viral Brothers set up a terrifying ghost prank to get some sweet, sweet revenge.


Hardcore Band’s Music Video Is Remixed With Cheesy Dance Beat After Not Paying Engineer

Sound engineer Dan Atkinson was hired by a 'hardcore' rock band to mix and cut up their music video, but