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The Best Movie Ever?!

You can't go wrong with emotional emoji! [embed][/embed]


Ozzy Man Reviews: Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Gig

Another one of Ozzy Man's hilarious reviews. This time he tells it how it is regarding the half time show


Why January Is The Trash Month Of Cinema

With their recent movie (p)review "F**k You, It's January! (2017)" RedLetterMedia got a viral hit by showing us once again,


videogamedunkey’s Youtube Rewind 2016

It is that time of the year full of rewinds and reviews and retrospectives. videogamedunkey got his own "YouTube Rewind


This Is What People Searched For In 2016 On The Internet

Google just published their "Year In Search 2016" retrospect. In this two minute video we not only get to see,


SUPERMAN 64 Video Game Trailer

For some reason, video game companies really struggle when attempting to adapt a superhero into a game. Superman is, well, super,


Conan Plays Overwatch With Peter Dinklage And Lena Headey

The much anticipated first-person shooter video game by Blizzard, Overwatch, has finally debuted today. In that honor, late night host Conan


Captain America’s Biggest Flaw

Captain America is an all American hero. He's stands for everything that makes America great. But movie critic Desmond Drake noticed that while


Review Of McDonald’s Chocolate Fries In Japan

Along with Coke, McDonald's is probably one of the most world's most famous food companies out there. But besides for the


Guy Flies On $32,000 Flight To Abu Dhabi

As his name implies, The Points Guy explains how to best take advantage of your credit card points and miles. Naturally, he


Alton Brown Reviews Dumbest Kitchen Gadgets

We've all seen those commercials while watching TV at 3 in the morning. Those commercials for a kitchen gadget that not only


The Entire Star Wars Series Summed Up In Just Three Minutes

It's hard to find someone who hasn't seen Star Wars. It's like finding someone who has never had Coca-Cola before.