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Rhett And Link Take Photos With Key And Peele

As a simple and fun promotion for their upcoming third season on Comedy Central, Key & Peele joined YouTuber Rhett and


One Direction Caption Fail

Rhett and Link have an ongoing series where they input audio in a YouTube video and allow the not-yet-perfected automatic closed


Chinese Restaurant Commercial With Old Western Theme

The famous commercial kings Rhett and Link have debuted a new commercial, titled Kung POW!, for Chinese restaurant Frontier Wok in Burbank, California.  As


Yo Daddy Battle

In honor of Father's Day, popular YouTubers Rhett and Link produced this hip hop music video touting all the superhuman abilities


Taylor Swift Songs Caption Fail Cover

Rhett and Link has a long standing series called YouTube Caption Fail where the dynamic duo inputs music into YouTube's automatic closed caption


The Graduation Song By Rhett And Link

Graduation is upon us. Finally, after all those years of test taking and awkward dances, high school is ending for


Cracked Chiropractor Commercial

Independent commercial makers Rhett and Link have again produced a local commercial home run. They teamed up with Ryan Lee of the Ryan


The Most Complicated Board Game Ever

We've all experienced it before. We find ourselves at a friend's house where everyone is playing some grand, overly-complex board game you've never played


Yo Mamma Battle Of Compliments

In honor of Mother's Day, YouTubers Rhett and Link have agreed not to insult each other's mamas. Instead, they decided to


‘Shift It’ Transmission Music Video Commercial

Popular YouTubers Rhett and Link have returned to their roots, and have finally created another incredibly cheesy-to-the-point-it-becomes-amazing local business commercial.   in Burbank,


Funny Baby Panda Kiss – Infinite YouTube Commercials ‘Skip Ad’ April Fool’s Prank

By now, even the most novice YouTube viewer is familiar with the wide 'Skip Ad' banner at the bottom right


Chuck Testa As Santa Claus

Remember Chuck Testa, the taxidermist who became an overnight viral video star after Rhett and Link made him a special commercial for his stuffing