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Christmas Sweatz Music Video

Christmas Sweatz,  the new Christmas themed music video by popular YouTubers Rhett and Link, is going especially viralviral for being


How To Kill A Mustache

Movember is finally over. All the patient participants who held off shaving all month can finally get rid of that itchy


Spot The Differences Sleep Music Video

Popular musicians Rhett and Link have created a one of a kind music video experience after teaming up with Sleep Better. Their original song


Singing “All Night Long” Literally All Night Long

The Internet is a terribly competitive place, so to really stick out you have to think outside the box. And


Epic Rap Battle Of Manliness

Rhett And Link have yet again published an instant viral music video. Titled Epic Rap Battle of Manliness, the two spit rhymes


Goth Boy – Story Written By A Kid Short Film

Geek And Sundry's opening video, Scary Smash, for their new web series, Written By A Kid, was a great success.


Thoughtful Guy Rap

Musical comedy duo Rhett and Link are back with another instant viral music video. Titled Thoughtful Guy Rap, the two guys rap about...


Rhett & Link High School Graduation Speech

There are plenty of commencement speeches given by politicians, comedians, and celebrities, but what about the Internet? You know YouTube


Rub Some Bacon On it Music Video

Popular comedians, indy commercial makers, and musicians Rhett and Link have returned to the 'net with their latest ridiculous song.  Capitalizing on the


Say No To Drugs, Yes To Roller Skating Commercial

Popular , Rhett and Link, returned to their roots and finally released another fantastic small business commercial.  The latest commercial is for Roller Kingdom in


My Hair Song

Big time YouTubers RhettandLink return to the Inter-webs with their latest ridiculous song. They sing My Hair Song, and somehow make it


Ridiculous Zebra Costume Dance

Famous YouTubers Rhett And Link presumably star in this strange dancing zebra costume video, but it's really professional dancers Flitz Ricketts and Steve