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Teens React to Rick Perry’s Strong Ad

Rafi and Benny Fine are back with their Teens React series. This time they showed the group of teens Rick


Rick Perry Anti Gay Political Ad Spoof

Rick Perry made Internet history with his new viral political ad that now has . The Internet just couldn't agree with


Rick Perry Presidential Ad Pro Religion, Anti Gay

'They' said the sky would fall if Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed, but now that it's been gone for


Rick Perry Spoofs His Debate Gaffe In Political Ad

Rick Perry went viral in November at the CNBC Republican debate when he began a three item list of departments


Rick Perry Fail At Republican Debate

At the most recent CNBC Republican debate, Rick Perry made a fool of himself when he declared there were three


Funny Montage From Rick Perry Speech

Rick Perry hasn't been doing too well in the polls recently. It may have something to do with his speech


The Worst Rick Perry Rap Song Ever

The two Rick Perry fans who gave him The Most Interesting Man In The World treatment have struck again. They made this


Bad Lip Reading Of Rick Perry Campaign Commercial

Texas governor Rick Perry's presidential campaign is in full swing. Though his first campaign commercial already went viral, this one


Dramatic Rick Perry Campaign Ad

Every campaign commercial is pretty much the same. They express how bad things are now with black and white video


Texas Governor Rick Perry Calls For Day Of Prayer And Fasting

The country is definitely going through some very tough times. Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks the answer to America's problems