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Foo Fighters Rick Roll Westboro Baptist Church

It actually happened a while ago already. The Internet has leaked out into real life. Now, there are ads for Facebook…

The New Rick Roll

Popular YouTuber Ryan Higa has managed to pull off a classic Internet prank on his viewers. While attempting to discover…

Reggie Watts Rick Rolled

After much anticipation, YouTube Comedy Week is finally here. It seems musician and comedian Reggie Watts is one of the first to…

Airport Pianist plays Viral Internet Songs

A Song Scout caught a fantastically nerdy scene in an O'Hare airport. A pianist was set up in one of the courtyards…

Mad Men TV Show ‘Sings’ Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Roll

Cutting up movies and TV shows and reediting the footage in music in a difficult task that, when done correctly,…

Oregon Legislators Rick Roll April Fools Prank

In honor of April Fools, Oregon legislators decided to work together to have some fun. They oh so subtly recite the lyrics to…



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