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Can You Solve The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever Created?

This TED-ed session hold by Alex Gendler and animated by Artrake Studio already got over 2.1 million views on YouTube.


Can You Solve The Counterfeit Coin Riddle?

How about a cool riddle to start the week right? :) Ted-Ed uploaded this video at the beginning of the


Could You Get A 78mm Gold Bar Through A 85mm Hole?

In Japan you can try to get a gold bar out of a glass case. But you only have a


The Xbox Puzzle Is An Awesome X-Men Inspired Riddle

YouTube puzzler FLEB presents a cool little gadget to us. The "Xbox" has nothing to do with video games, it


Can You Solve The Airplane Riddle?

An interesting TEd talk by Judd A. Schorr who challenges your mind. Over 700.000 views for this riddle, that sounds


Can you solve the prisoner boxes riddle?

Uhm... A TED-talk? About a riddle? How can this end up here, you might ask yourself (and me). But what


Guy Trolls Girlfriend With Classic Younger Brother Half Older Brother’s Age Riddle

This riddle is a classic, and should be an easy solve for anyone in middle school. But apparently, this guy's


Can You Solve This Math Riddle?

Math and science nerd Derek Muller of Veritasium has tickled the math community with this simple riddle.  After offering the number sequence 2,


10 More Amazing Bets You Will Always Win

The web seemingly never tires of Richard Wiseman's ongoing bets you will always win series. In the Quirkology host's latest episode, he shows viewers ten


13 Movies In 30 Seconds Animated Movie Riddle

Computer animator Evan Seitz has a movie quiz series where he packs in as many sounds and visuals from famous movies into