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Bullets vs Propeller in Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys want to answer the question we all ask as every day: Why didn't riflemen on planes


Marksman Trick Shots

Since the the firearm became mainstream hundreds of years ago, people have been practicing their aim and marksmanship. But shooting


Pumpkin Carving With A Rifle

Firearms enthusiast Hickok45 is a master with a rifle. As Halloween is just around the corner, Jack-o-lanterns are popping up everywhere. But


Queen’s Guard Raises Rifle At Harassing Tourist

One of the focal points of visiting Buckingham Palace in London, England is seeing the Queen's Royal Guard. Tourists can't


Homeowner Shoots Drone Spying On His Property

Larry Breaux is trying to make an organic lemon business and put a sign on his property to spread the


Army Ranger Hits Target 1000 Yards Away With .50 Caliber Rifle Standing Up

There's a reason most fire the famous Barrett M82 .50 cal sniper rifle using the set of attached legs. It


Herman Cain Political Ad Shoots Bunny Rabbit

Short time Republican nominee front runner Herman Cain is making another splash in the spot light after his latest ad