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Phone Alarm Robot

Hate to be waked up by your alarm?! Instead of not setting it, try this revolutionary robot! [embed][/embed]


Robots Will Steal Your Job

Maybe you think that's nice, but enjoy it while you still can. [embed][/embed]


Test Your International Languages’ Accents On Siri And Google Home

Our robot friends Siri, Echo and Google Home don't always recognize when we try to speak another language, so these


When AI Is Taking Over The Neighborhood

This cute little girl doesn't seem concerned at all about the progression of Artificial Intelligence. She embraces every new visitor


Amazing Demonstration Of Boston Dynamics Robot Handle

Boston Dynamics introduces us to another reason, that we will soon lose against the uprising machines... o.O Over 1.7 million


Epic Star Wars C-3PO Body Paint Time Lapse

Nice body paint by KayPikeFashion who changed herself from a pretty lady to an even prettier humanoid. Well done! "You


Robot Beats ‘I Am Not A Robot’ Captcha

Maybe you have seen these "I am not a robot" fields you have to check instead of reading some weird


Epic DIY Robocop ED-209 Costume

This thing is huge! Indy Mogul uploaded this behind the scenes video showing an epic build of a Robocop costume.


Goldfish Is Steering His Own Aquarium

This is so cool! Alex Kent uploaded this invention by students from the Carnegie Mellon University, helping a goldfish getting


Chopping Vegetables With Giant 8-Foot Knife-Wielding Robot

"The queen of sh*tty robots", Simone Giertz, worked together with MegaBots to build this epic knife-robot, cutting vegetables in ridicolous


The Making Of A Wavy Metal Handle Is Hypnotic And Beautiful

Manufacturing Production uploaded this video of a robot arm transforming a metal bar into a wavy handle. This hypnotical thing


Redditor Built Robot That Talks In GIF Images

This might be the best invention of the year already! Peeqo is a little robot with an AI (just like