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Bruce Springsteen Invites Little Girl On Stage During Concert

Usually, teenagers are the ones who shriek and yell to get on stage during music concerts. But during a concert in


Heavy Metal Cover Of Ursula’s Poor Unfortunate Souls From Little Mermaid

Disney has mastered the evil villain character. But after years and years, there still hasn't been an antagonist quite like Ursula the


Old Man Shocks All Performing Rock Song ‘Bodies’ On America’s Got Talent

These days, the only way to get any attention is to do something outrageous and unexpected. So when 82 year


Two Guys Perform Smooth Criminal On Cello

It was once thought that string instruments were for classical music and that was it. But you need the drums


65 Rock Songs Through Time

Like all music, rock and roll has seriously evolved over the years. What was once serious rock and roll is


Ultimate History Of Rock Mash Up Music Video

Ever wonder what it would be like if Elvis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and so many classic rock stars had social media to


Sorry By Justin Bieber Covered In 20 Different Styles

Even though it may seem that everyone hates Justin Bieber, there are obviously countless people who absolutely adore him. In honor of


Heavy Metal Star Wars Theme

What's more heavy metal than Darth Vader, the lord of the Sith, himself? Not much really. In honor of The


Dave Grohl And Animal Have A Drum Battle

Everyone knows that Animal from the Muppets loves rock and roll. But does he love rock more than Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl?


Little Girl Plays Drums For Chop Suey By System Of A Down

Most little kids can barely play the recorder or the piano. And they prefer simple children's music like Barney's I Love


Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Covered As Disturbed

Taylor Swift's latest smash hit single Bad Blood already has a twinge of rock to it hidden underneath all the pop. Anthony


1,000 Musicians Play Learn To Fly By Foo Fighters

In order to ask the Foo Fighters leader singer Dave Grohl to come and perform in Cesena, Italy, Fabio Zaffagnini