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26 Genres Of Metal In One Song

After Andrew Huang went viral with his 26 Music Genres In One Song, DethPopVideos was inspired to make his own. Naturally, his video is


Hard Rockers Admit Their Favorite Guilty Pleasure Pop Songs

Who would have thought?! Even hard rockers have a guilty pleasure pop song or two that they just can't get


Dad Performs One-Handed Drum Cover While Holding His Three Kids

Thai drummer Bugyean is trending--appearing on sites like HyperVocal and UpRoxx--for performing a rocking drum cover while holding his three kids. With


Alice Cooper On Bands Like The Lumineers And Mumford & Sons

A new trend of folk rock music is on the rise. And Alice Cooper doesn't like it as he recently


Fourteen Year Old Girl Performs Eruption Guitar Solo

Of all rock music, Van Halen's guitar solo Eruption has to be one of the most famous and rock-tastic pieces of


Robot Band Plays Heavy Metal

German robo-band Compressorhead posted this video from one of their band practice sessions before the weekend, and already it has garnered over one


Newly Weds Play Master Of Puppets At Their Wedding

After people get married, you usually expect them to have a soft and sweet dance alone on the dance floor.


Cartoon Music Video Slayer – Criminally Insane

Haha, these little devils look awesome.