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Traveler Plays Rock-Paper-Scissors With Random Japanese Girl On Train

While travelling from Kyoto to Shin-Osaka on a bullet train, Lewis Wake and his Scottish buddy encountered a random Japanese girl. After waving hello,…

Two Drivers Stuck In Traffic Play Rock-Paper-Scissors

European traveler Fionnuala Bulman was driving from Bristol to Bath in Britain when she hit some traffic. She couldn't believe her eyes when…

Rock Paper Scissors Robot Can’t Lose

When playing a human in the famous childhood game Janken, or Rock Paper Scissors, each player has a 33% chance of winning,…

German Blogger Doesn’t Understand Logic Of Rock Paper Scissors Game

German blogger, Djflula, is trying to learn American culture, but the more he learns, the more confused he is. He is really…

Little Asian Boy Explains Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

It's easy. Scissor cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock smashes lizard, lizard poisons spock, spock.... Ok, I'm lost. But remember,…



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