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Hamster Takes On First Level Of Super Mario Brothers

The first level of Super Mario Bros. just might be the most famous scene in gaming. It's hard to find


Guy Catches Chipmunk Stealing Bird Food Red Handed

Time to fill up the bird feeder now that spring is finally here. Fjwjr was looking at his bird feeder when he


Rats Run Up A Hole In A Kitchen Ceiling

This video is the nightmare of every food inspector and germophobe who is afraid of what is hiding in the


Gopher Closely Examines GoPro

Back in the day, you needed an entire film crew for the Discovery channel to record small animals up close.


NYC Subway Rat Pulls Dead Rat Down Stairs

Remember Pizza Rat? The rat in the New York City subway that was captured on camera carrying a huge slice


Remote Control Pizza Rat In New York Prank

Remember the Subway rat who went viral after attempting to carry a slice of pizza away to its burrow? That


X-Ray Of Stuffed Hamster’s Cheeks Is Adorably Interesting

The adorable hamster is probably the most popular pet rodent at the pet store. They're just so cute and don't


Tiny Hamster Host A Tiny Halloween Party

The leaves are falling, the weather is getting cooler, and football season is upon us. That means it's almost Halloween,


Rat And Pigeon Battle It Out In Brooklyn, New York

Everything is just so congested in New York City, it's hard to go through the day without getting into a


Squirrel Steals Milkshake From Trash

Just yesterday, the Internet exploded when a subway commuter captured a large rat carrying a slice of pizza down the


Rat Tries To Carry Slice Of Pizza Downstairs In NYC Subway

When one thinks of New York City, two things usually come to mind. Delicious New York City pizza, and disgusting and


Screaming Marmot Makes Unexpected Sound

You most likely have never seen a marmot, let alone heard one. But the nature lovers of Lone Goat Soap Co. often go