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Mini Roller Coaster Pulled By Tractor

Some crazy geniuses took everything we all love about roller coaster at amusement parks, and crammed all that into a single float being


Little Girl Has The Cutest Reaction On First Roller Coaster Ride

The firsts in a child's life are always exciting yet intimidating for both the kid and their parents. And their first roller coaster


What It Would Be Like To Visit A Roller Coaster Tycoon Park

Even though it's years old at this point, Roller Coaster Tycoon is still extremely popular. It practically invented the tycoon-strategy


Take A Virtual Ride On The World’s Next Record Breaking Roller Coaster

It seems like every summer, a new amusement park becomes the short lived record holder for offering the biggest, fastest, or


What Happens When You Check Luggage At The Airport

In our modern world, we simply check our bags when we arrive at the airport and run to our gate to


Bungee Cord Terrifyingly Snaps On Carnival Ride

Carnivals and fairs are an important part of summer. But while many rides look like a lot of fun most of them


Dutch Man Build Roller Coaster In His House To Show Prospective Buyers

Selling your house can be a long, stressful endeavor. One man in Holland has figured out how to make the


Human-Powered Theme Park Playground Looks Like Tons Of Fun

Ai Pioppi is a restaurant in the middle of nowhere in Italy that is very unique. Besides for serving delicious Italian


Daredevil Rides Motorcycle On Roller Coaster Tracks

French motorcyclist and daredevil Julien Dupont decided a regular roller coaster ride just wasn't intense enough. So he ditched the train that


Take A Virtual Ride On World’s Newest Tallest Roller Coaster

Every year, amusement parks battle over the title of the tallest, fastest, or coolest new roller coaster. The new indoor


Neighbor Built Golf Ball Roller Coaster In Front Yard For Passersby To Play With

According to Jake B, apparently some handy person built this golf ball 'roller coaster' at the edge of his front


Batman The Ride Gives Riders An Intense 4-D Experience

Every year, amusement parks compete to debut the fastest, most unique roller coasters to lure park attendees. Six Flags is hoping their