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‘Sky Fall’ Free Fall Drop With No Safety Rope Is A Terrifying Ride

This has to be the simplest, and one of the most terrifying, theme park 'rides' ever. Riders of the Sky Tower


Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Ride A Roller Coaster

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has a secret. Even though he's a grown man, he's terrified of roller coasters. Since Jimmy


Grandmother Riding Roller Coaster For First Time Will Make You Happy

European grandmother Ria Van den Brand is nearly 80 years old, and has never ridden on a roller coaster before. 


Girl Adorably Goes Through A Slew Of Emotions On First Roller Coaster Ride With Dad

Talk about an emotional roller coaster! Myles Weissleder took his young daughter Summer on her first roller coaster ride, and the


Teen Passes Out Twice On Sling Shot Ride

Sling shot park ride videos seem to never get old. Viewers just love watching riders as they scream, curse, and


Elaborate Beatle Juice Roller Coaster Created In Minecraft

Nuropsych1 published this video last week, but it has only exploded online a few days ago. In a sudden burst, the


Boyfriend Faints On Slingshot Rollercoaster

The slingshot style roller coaster is an extremely popular source of viral videos. The latest to go viral was actually


Man Goes On Crazy Hanging Excavator Ride

 This video was published in 2009, but has only gone viral now after being featured on Reddit. A construction worker


Roller Coaster Tycoon In Real Life

If you're a strategy gamer, odd are you played Roller Coaster Tycoon, an industry favorite. But everyone seems to fall


Roller Coaster Rider Keeps Straight Face The Entire Time

This older, original video from 2010 has started to trend again after a stolen copy was featured on the front


Dad Builds Backyard Rollercoaster For His Daughter With Twelve Foot Drop

This video was published in February, but has only gone viral now and is featured on VideoSift and EbaumsWorld. Dad


Dad With Young Daughter On Theme Ride: Never Again!

You can just see in this father's eyes that he is not a happy camper being strapped into the Screaming