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Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning On SportsCenter

Has there ever been this much hype for a Hollywood sequel?  Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell, continues to appear


Ron Burgundy Hosts Canadian Curling Championship

Ron Burgundy has truly changed how movies are advertised, appearing in many Dodge commercials and even a traditional newscasts in


Ron Burgundy Anchors Actual Newscast In North Dakota

Viewers of KXNews in North Dakota were treated to a special newscast with the one and only Ron Burgundy as


Ron Burgundy Sings Mayor Rob Ford’s Campaign Song ‘Working For The Weekend’

While visiting with Conan O'Brien, Ron Burgundy admitted that he was asked by Toronto's controversial mayor Rob Ford to sing


Sports Reporter As Ron Burgundy

In honor of Halloween, sports director Paul Gerke of Idaho's KIVI gave his nightly report as Hollywood's most beloved anchorman.  Ron


Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy Commercials

Dodge has just launched a collaborative advertising campaign with the one and only Ron Burgundy to promote their new Dodge Durango,


Ron Burgundy Announces Anchorman 2 On Conan

Will Ferrell made a special visit on Conan as the one and only Ron Burgundy to announce the sequel to the


News Anchor Is Pranked By Teleprompter

Any fan of Will Ferrell loves his Ron Burgandy character. One of his fan favorite gags is that he would