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This Lazy Dog Doesn’t Care About The Roomba

I would love to be as chilled as this dog, not giving a damn about this little cleaning robot that

Just a cat riding a roomba in style

You have seen cats, you have seen roombas and you have seen cats on roombas - but this is reaching


Roomba Beer Pong Is The Next Level

Beer Pong has been around for ages. Finally, it seems the game has taken a step into the 21st century.


Dog In Santa Costume Rides Roomba Robot Sweeper

Sure, the pet riding a Roomba gag has been done many times before on the Internet. But The Big Shift has been trending


Cat Rides Magic Carpet

Pet lover TexasGirly1979 is famous for her viral videos of her adorable cat wearing a shark costume while riding a robotic


Baby Riding Dirty On A Roomba

This adorable clip posted online by mrmikeb84 has gone viral with over 100,000 hits already.  After recording a video of their


Cat, Duckling, Dog Play With Roomba

Texas Girly 1979 published this adorable Halloween-pet video a day after the spooky holiday, but it has just experienced a second surge of


Man Comes Home To Discover The Roomba Smeared The Dog’s Poo Accident All Over House

There's nothing worse for an animal lover than returning home from a long day only to discover a heaping mound


Baby Rides On Roomba

This adorable video by Jon-Liz Reberry was posted online way back in 2009, but has instantly gone viralviral after being featured on


Cute Baby Rides Roomba

 The parents of this cute baby got a chair that just happened to fit on the roomba perfectly. They put