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Kangaroo And Dog Are Best Friends

This video from 2014 is trending again after resurfacing on Facebook. The clip features two animals who couldn't be more…

Copy Cat Rolls Over Just Like Her Doggy Friends

Didga is one serious copy-cat. Her two Rottweiler roommates are good dogs, and roll over on command. But animal trainer…

Rottweiler Loves To Take Shower

Dogs are famous for hating bath time, but not Leena the rottweiler. Leena simply loves taking showers. Oz Rottweiler confesses that her…

Rottweiler And Deer Play

The Internet has a soft spot for unlikely animal friendships. And now, another adorable video of such has gone viral. Ben…

Rottweiler Shakes Head NO To Offered Shrimp

Dogs, especially Rottweilers, are famous for eating nearly anything. But after trying one shrimp, Amy Spruell's rottweiler Max could only shake his head no…

Tiny Kitten Spars With Huge Rottweiler Dog

Rottweilers are infamous for tearing up their prey. Most people are even nervous around them. But that mean ol' barking…


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