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Goats Join Man for a Run

A Hurd of Goats Follow a Runner We have a somewhat random and also very funny video today. This video


Avid Runner Reviews $16 Running Shoes From Walmart

Frank the Running Shoes Guru takes his name very seriously. He avidly runs ten or more miles everyday. He regularly reviews high


Runner Breaks ‘Beer Mile’ World Record

James Nielsen has broken a running world record and has gone viral! What was his accomplishment? He ran a 'Beer Mile'


Heavy Guy Runs 100m Race

Sprinters must be in the best of shape to compete with their peers. As a fun gag, Isaac Akers caught one


Olympic Runner Ryan Hall Running Video Wall In NYC Subway Station

To spread the word about the New York City Marathon, ASICS created an amazing running wall in one of New York's


Girl Falls During 600m Race, Still Wins First Place

This video is from 2008, but just exploded on the viral radar. Sites like Reddit and LetsRun. Falling in any race


Japanese Runner Takes Wrong Turn

At the end of the race, the runner in first place makes the worst possible mistake. He turned right instead