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ATV Head on Collision with a Car

We have no idea how this guy not only gets up, but only receives a couple of bruises from this…

Putin Has The Best Anger Management

Receive a kiss, respond with the fist- oh wait, there's cameras watching me.

Putin Shows How It’s Done

The art of judo isn't lost on Vladimir Putin and he loves to pass it through to younger generations.

Russian Army

This Is The Most Entertaining Sport Of The Year 2017, And It Involves A Lot Of Cars

The Russians are known to think out of the box regularly, and they prove this once again in this video.…

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate A Cloud Of Smoke

Dmitry Panshin uploaded this video of a dashcam recording a little winter drive behind a cloud of snowy dust. 200,000…

The Animated History Of Russia

Suibhne uploaded another issue of their "The Animated History Of..." series. This time: Russia. And over 100,000 views within it's…

In Russia, Self-Driving Car Ejects You (And Then Parks Perfectly)

A few annotations for this video: - Get well soon. - But #1: The person landing on the street didn't…

Dog Waits For Green Light To Cross The Street

Of course you don't cross a street when the light shows red. Even when no cars are around. Even when…

Look How Many People Get Out Of This Car!

It is really crazy, how many men are getting out of this old car. A russian clown car! via: theawesomer

Bus drives straight throug roundabout

Just a normal day in Russia... via: b3ta

Full Sewage Truck Explodes On Russian Street

And you thought your commute was bad. In Russia, a full sewage truck literally exploding in the middle of rush hour street…


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