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Ryan Seacrest Justin Bieber Ultimate Viral Video

We've seen other celebrities goes meta with their viral videos, purposefully packing their vids with everything and anything that connotes…

Sacha Baron Cohen The Dictator Spills Kim Jong Il’s ‘Ashes’ On Ryan Seacrest

World famous prankster¬†Sacha Baron Cohen went to the 2012 Academy Awards Oscars as The Dictator, his latest character and star…

Willow Smith Interview With Ryan Seacrest And Jay-Z

Daughter of Will & Jada Smith, Willow Smith, just debuted her new ¬†single Whip My Hair. Ryan Seacrest asks her…

Larry King Sings Poker Face With Ryan Seacrest On Radio

There as a time when Larry King was a distinguished television host. Now the world truly is coming to an…



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