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Stuff Bitcoin Fanatics Say

Bitcoins. Even if you have no idea what a Bitcoin really is, you've no doubt heard about the world's most


Sh** Nerds Never Say

Remember the hilarious Sh** Girls Say meme from last year that was beaten dead as all good memes are online ? Well,


Sh** Southern Women Say

What's so special about the 'Sh-- Girls Say'  meme is that it's one of the few Internet fads that can


Sh** Girls Say Part 4

The original Sh-- Girls Say series, the one to kick off a fire storm of spoofs that are still being developed, has finally


Sh*t Cancer Patients Say

This month old Sh*t Girls Say video just went viral now, and is featured on YouTubeTrends and BoingBoing. Fighting cancer


Sh*t People Say To Photographers

This Sh*t Girls Say straggler spoof was just uploaded and has already been viewed more than 250,000 times, prompting it


Sh*t Politicians Say

AmericansElect created this hilarious political parody of the now famous Sh*t Girls Say fad to bring light to what our election system has


Sh*t Samuel L. Jackson Says

NSFW - Langauge Samuel L. Jackson is a master at swearing, so it's a wonder it took someone so long


Sh*t Liz Lemon Says

The Sh*t Girls Say meme has been over for sometime, but a few golden stragglers keep popping up. NBC's 30


Sh*t People Say About Sh*t People Say Videos

We at ViralViralVideos just claimed the Sh*t Girls Say fad was finally over, but, alas, there is one more that's


Sh*t Asian Fathers Say

The Sh*t Girls Say fad is finally coming to a close, and this video just went viral to end with


Sh*t Nobody Says

The Sh*t Girls Say meme has stormed the Internet and the parodies seem to keep coming in. Dontbethatguyfilms thought outside of the