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Paddy And Nico Dance The Salsa On Britain’s Got Talent

Over a month ago, eighty year old Paddy and her much younger dance partner Nico blew up on the Internet after…

World Champion Salsa Dancer Kids Perform On Ellen

Remember the world champion first grade salsa dancers who went viral a few weeks ago? That original viral video stands with…

World Champion First Graders Perform Epic Salsa Dance

Most first graders simply jump around to dance to music. Not Kevin and Beverly. They can dance with the best…

Darth Vader Salsa Dancing With Trombone

Thank you Internet for still being able to shock me. I thought I saw everything, but I was wrong. I…

Man Salsa Dances With Only One Leg

The message of this video is simple. "Nothing is impossible." With only one leg, this man could have given up on…



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