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Will Cable TV Ever Be Free?

24 December, 2020



Samsung’s Smart Window At CES 2012

All weekend, technology nerds have been buzzing of this year's CES, or Consumer Electronics Show. Of all the videos of…

Samsung Galaxy S II Mocks Fanboys Commercial

This Samsung commercial takes a silent stab at Apple fans who wait in long lines for the 'next big thing.'…

Drop Test: iPhone 4s VS Samsung Galaxy SII

The iPhone 4S is in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy S II. What's the deal with 'S' anyways? To…

Hand Choreography Dance Samsung Commercial

This commercial from Samsung France for their new Samsung galaxy S II is simple, but oh so good. A man…

Launching Memory Card Paper Airplanes From Space

Samsung launched hundreds of paper airplanes from space with an SD memory card on them. They each have a message…

Cute Little Girl Dancing, Adults Copy Her Catchy Dance – Samsung Commercial

This cute girl starts dancing by just jumping around. Soon a few adults catch on and start following her moves.…

Samsung Galaxy Tab Official Commercial

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect size in between an iPhone and an iPad. It has all the same…



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