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Samuel L. Jackson


Everything Is Samuel L. Jackson’s Fault

NSFW Language, Content Parents have a bad habit these days of ignoring the ratings on adult-themed video games and movies.


Samuel L. Jackson Recites Breaking Bad Monologue

After the great viral success of their first video, Sam Jackson and PrizeoTV have again teamed up to deliver a viral video


Samuel L Jackson Announces New Life Of Vigilantism In Monologue For Alzheimer’s Awareness

NSFW Warning Language Two days ago, Samuel L Jackson posted a link on Reddit asking users to submit a 300


Jimmy Kimmel’s Movie: The Movie: 2V

After the great viralviral success of his first Movie: The Movie online trailer, Jimmy Kimmel has done what Hollywood does best. Made


Samuel L Jackson Reads ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

As apart of his promotion for the new film Django Unchained, Samuel L Jackson visited the studio of 95.8 Capital FM


Lead Breakfast Pulp Fiction Remix

NSFW - language  The Internet's greatest remix artist Pogo is back with another remix. This time the sounds from Pulp Fiction


Samuel L. Jackson Introduces Clippers And Hornets

Even though he didn't use any of the famous swear words in his arsenal, famous actor Samuel L. Jackson has gone


Sh*t Samuel L. Jackson Says

NSFW - Langauge Samuel L. Jackson is a master at swearing, so it's a wonder it took someone so long


Samuel L Jackson Stop Gun Violence PSA

Samuel L Jackson has charisma like no other, and when he speaks, people listen with intent. Every syllable has strength and purpose.


House MD Spoofs Pulp Fiction Breakfast Scene

House and Foreman enter an apartment just like one of the famous scenes from Pulp Fiction. It's not exact, but