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Father Does P&J Sandwiches EXACTLY The Way His Kid’s Tell Him To

I really like the idea behind the "Exact Instructions Challenge". Josh Darnit got his kids to make instructions on how

How The Sandwich Was Invented

Jessica Oreck explains to us in her TED Talk how we (the humans) came up with the revolutionary invention of


Kids Try Sandwiches From The Past 100 Years

Today, burgers and peanut butter sandwiches are probably the two most popular sandwiches for kids to request when it's lunch


The Big Fat Fatty Is A Huge Ten Pound, $50 Sandwich

Fat Sal's Deli in Los Angeles is famous for their delicious food and ginormous portion sizes. Especially their sandwiches. The


The $120 Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Across the country there are different and delicious regional foods. Pizza in NYC, Tex-Mex in Mexico, and the lobster roll in


Delicious Sandwiches From All Over The World That Will Make You Drool

Are you sick of the same greasy burgers and fast food chicken sandwiches? Are you looking for something new to


Robot Cooks Breakfast Egg Sandwich

Sure we all have mini-computers in our pockets that instantly connects us to the world's most vast network in human


Robot Man Eats A Sandwich

Dancer Madd Chadd has perfected the art of imitating a robot. You know, the jerky kind that makes a loud servo noise


Submarine Sandwich Made From Everyday Objects Stop Motion

PES is famous for his mind-blowing stop motion animations in which he artfully recreates a scene using unexpected objects. One of


What Is A Sandwich

Back in the day, everyone knew what a sandwich was. But recently, the definition of a sandwich has become more


Alton Brown’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Foodie Alton Brown is known for not following the status quo. He takes his food darn seriously, no matter how much more


Guy With Down Syndrome Gives Sandwich Making Tutorial

Luke may have Down syndrome, but that doesn't mean he's not hungry! He shows us how he makes his world