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Ho ho ho – Leave the presents and go away – Grumpy Cat


Father Shows Daughter Video Proof Of Santa’s Visit

What a lovely idea! Michał Mogiła wanted to give his daughter her faith in Santa back, so he taped his


Liam Neeson Auditions For Mall Santa Claus

This video of actor Liam Neeson auditioning for the position of mall Santa Claus is trending right now. The Late


Epic Battle Simulator: 11,000 Penguins vs 4,000 Santa Clauses

With the Epic Battle Simulator you'll be able to let armies of absurd things and people and animals to fight


If Santa Was A Jerk To The Stranger Things Kids

Superwoman got to shoot with the awesome kids from the awesome tv show "Stranger Things". That would be enough to


Stephen Colbert Is Charlie Brown In The Late Show’s Christmas Special

The Late Show did publish a bit showing host Stephen Colbert in the animated style of Charlie Brown, resulting in


Parrot Sick Of The Holidays Takes Down Toy Santa Claus

The holidays are a funny thing. At first, we're all excited to see our family, enjoy some delicious holiday treats,


Darth Santa Is Worse Than The Grinch

Everyone loves Santa Claus. What's not to love? For just a few cookies and a glass of milk you get


Little Girl Thinks Older Man With White Beard At Walmart Is Santa Undercover

This just may be the cutest Christmas-themed video of this holiday season. While shopping at Walmart, a little girl noticed


Santa Signing To Little Girl Who Is Hard Of Hearing Will Melt Your Heart

Everything is harder when your child has a disability. Mark took their little toddler daughter to visit Santa Claus at the Cleveland Centre Middlesbrough, and


Things Get Really Creepy At Christmas Party When Guests Demand To See Santa

Things are always a little tense when you're the new couple at the neighborhood holiday party. But if the people are nice, it's easy


Little Kid Adorably Reacts To Evidence That Santa Visited

All kids know that Santa Claus travels around the world on Christmas Eve to deliver toys and treats to all