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Jimmy Fallon As Vladimir Putin Calls Sarah Palin

Apparently, Sarah Palin predicted that Putin would invade Ukraine way back in 2008. After learning of her foresight, Vladimir decided


Sarah Palin In Real Life Compared To Julianne Moore In Game Change

HBO's pseudo-documentary called Game Change is about John McCain choosing Sarah Palin as his vice president running mate in 2008. Critics and


Sarah Palin: Polls Are For Strippers

During a speech in Iowa, Sarah Palin brought up how wealthy politicians were enjoying life in the suburbs of Washington.


Why Lewis Black Doesn’t Make Sarah Palin Jokes

Lewis Black is famous for screaming, ranting, and raving about government and bad politicians. But he has never made a


Sarah Palin Cooking Show

Sarah Palin has been out of the spot light for a bit with all the debt talks and other news.


Sarah Palin Documentary Undefeated Trailer

Here is the trailer for the new Sarah Palin's new documentary called Undefeated. It's a little strange, since she was


Sarah Palin On Paul Revere

Sarah Palin struck again! This time, she butchered the classic America story of Paul Revere. At a local bakery she


Sarah Palin About Kathy Griffin

There's a rumor that Kathy Griffin will be playing a crazy Republican character reminiscent of Sarah Palin on Glee. When


Sarah Palin Country Song Hymn

A nice red neck, country hymn in honor of Sarah Palin. Most of the lyrics don't make sense or rhyme.


Sarah Palin Breathing

An editor took Palin's Arizona tragedy speech and cut out just Sarah breathing. It's weird, and funny. Oh you Internet,


Sarah Palin Facebook Comments Cleaning Real Time

You can literally see the comments just disappear on Sarah Palin's Facebook page. He actually has hired paid staff that


Fox News Cuts From Vigil When Palin Mentioned

This short clip is going viral on liberal blogs as it seems that Fox News is trying to block their