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A Very Persistent Brat

Cat is not here to mess around, she means business. [embed][/embed]

Stork Denies Crocodile In Spectacular Fashion

The crocodile didn't stand a chance! [embed][/embed]

Golden Trash

But still... Trash.

I’m The Boss Around Here

Hi, sorry, but uhhh, you're in my bag. WHAM.

Swimming Pool Struggles

When your friend suddenly gets cold feet.

I Like It Rough

Take me for a ride baby!

My Favorite Present

It's going to be the last birthday we celebrate together, so...

Leave Me Alone


Wait For It

He just asked for it.

I’m Blue?!!

Who the f*ck is that creep???

Just Cut Them Loose

Challenge accepted.

Horse Doesn’t Like Its New Play Buddy

The animal kingdom is one tough motherf*cker. Savage! [embed][/embed]


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