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History Of The Saxophone

Of all woodwind instruments, the saxophone maybe the most popular and famous. The sax, named after its 1840 inventor Adolphe


Smooth Jazz Cover Of Game Of Thrones Theme

Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox teamed up with Grammy-nominated saxophone player Dave Koz to perform an unexpected cover. In honor of HBO's


Small Band Simply Crushes Subway Performance

You've most likely never heard of the small time band Too Many Zooz. They are only made up of a trumpeter,


Saxophonist Lures Cows

Remember the now classic viral video of a band playing music for a herd of serene cows? That video now stands


Saxophone Battle On New York City Subway Train

Hearing someone play the saxophone while on your daily NYC subway commute is nothing out of the ordinary. On the


Homemade Saxophone Lamp Present

Greesyfizeek says, "I've been joking with my father in law about turning my old Bari sax into a lamp. This showed


Dog Howls Along With Saxophone Practice

Phineasgage1848 introduced his video with the title, 'Every time my daughter practices her saxophone...' their dog howls along with the music. Or


Dog Sings Along With Owner Playing Jazz Saxophone

Rio likes to add some of his own free style singing when his owner is playing jazzy tunes on his


Sexy Saxophone Music Prank

One prankster goes around in malls and restaurants playing classic sexy saxophone music. He plays George Michael over and over