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Surprising Dad By Hiding In The Car Trunk Prank

Brian Vogelgesang took a special flight from Chicago to be with his family for his dad's birthday. To make the surprise extra


Cats Spooked By Cucumbers

Cats are funny creatures. The oddest things can put a cat over the edge. And apparently, cucumbers are one of


Prankster Terrifies Mom With Scary Chucky Prank For Halloween

Having a son who has made a huge success online is great. But there is a price to pay. As


Eric Stonestreet And Andy Go To A Haunted House

Fans of Ellen DeGeneres know that the popular daytime talk show host loves scaring and pranking people. Naturally, Ellen really loves Halloween.


Ellen’s Best Celebrity Scare Pranks Compilation

Halloween is of course the most popular day to scare and prank people. But Ellen DeGeneres doesn't like to be boxed


Harry Potter Dementor Prank Is Pure Evil

Harry Potter is a just fantasy story. Those terrifying, soul-sucking Dementors aren't real.  Or are they? Yousef of prank channel Fousey TUBE hit


Houston Mascot Pranks Players After Practice

For some reason, scaring professional athletes is much funnier than simply pranking regular people. Perhaps it's the fact that they


Bush Man Prank In Central Park, New York City

Prankster Ed Bassmaster donned on his camouflage 'bushman' costume covered in leaves, and pranked passerby at Central Park in New York City. 


Grim Reaper Feels Guilty After Terrifying Two Little Princess Trick Or Treaters

Part of the social contract of giving kids free candy on Halloween is that the homeowner gets to scare the


Ellen Sends Her Staff To Haunted Ship Adventure

Ellen DeGeneres loves scaring her guests and her staffer Amy on her popular talk show. This year, she sent her


Mr. Pumpkin Jumps Out Of Jack-O-Lantern Decoration Prank

SA Wardega is famous for their creative and unique superhero pranks, and didn't disappoint this Halloween. For this year's prank, they


Grim Reaper Scare Prank Works Like A Charm

Halloween is upon us. In the spirit of the spooky holiday, popular YouTube prankster Jack Vale donned an epic Grim