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Airplane Loses Cabin Pressure Mid-Flight

'Panic' on Jet Airways Flight After Loss of Cabin Pressure A Jet Airways airplane bound for Jaipur on September 20 turned


Skywheel Breaks Sending Passengers Plummeting

A video from Pakistan shows passengers on a sky wheel plummeting to the ground when the ride breaks. We hope


Possessed Woman Stalks Two Girls in Florida

Meanwhile in Florida...a woman presumably high on flakka, aka bath salts, stalks two girls at an apartment complex. This disturbing


Grey Wolf Chases Family In Car

Driving your car through wild nature can be gorgeous and exciting. And a little scary maybe, when wild predators starts


Skydiving In A Car

Skydiving is by definition only for the brave. But what happens when you add a car into the mix? Would


Man Scared To Death By Shark

Museums take all kind of precautions to avoid danger or scary surprises inside their exhibitions. The notice about not touching


Just A Dad Unknowingly Blowing Leaves

There are certain chores you do as a dad that are pretty cool to do. Blowing leaves is one of


Scared Cat Is Pretty Scared

This cat's eyes can't get any bigger, as it stared furiously at some kind of blanket(?). I sure hope the


How Commercial Is Halloween?

The days of innocent, cosy holidays are long gone, they're all commercial vehicles now--or aren't they? [embed][/embed]


Kids Describe Scary Monsters

But will the drawing be just as scary?? Funny how kids don't think about zombies or vampires, but have much


The Glass Walkway That Gets Your Heart Rate Up

This walkway of glass is not for the feint of heart, or for people with vertigo. [embed][/embed]


Robot Spiders Are Just As Scary As The Real Deal

At least that's the case for this terrified cat. [embed][/embed]