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Brutal New Close Up Footage Of Japanese Tsunami

This video of the Tsunami that ravaged Japan in March was just uploaded. The cameraman is in the heart of Kamaishi


Erratic Driver Crashing Caught On Camera

When a man caught a teenager texting and driving in front of him, he pulled out his camera to record


Teacher Keeps Kids Calm During Gunfight Outside

A gunfight erupts outside of a kindergarten class in Mexico. The amazing brave teacher tells the kids to get on


Man Records Bear Slowly Stalking Him

Since 2006, this older video went basically unseen. Finally, it's getting the recognition it deserves. A man in the woods


Tornado Hits Tractor Trailer Near Oklahoma City

The small town of Shawnee, Oklahoma, is the victim of more tornadoes smashing through the country. Incredible video was captured of


Tornadoes Hit Joplin Missouri

This spring has been a deadly season in the US from hundreds of tornadoes. Yesterday, tornadoes hit again in the


Rare Footage From Inside April Tornado In Tuscaloosa Alabama

Only recently did this video surface of one of the Tornadoes that ravaged Alabama. A cameraman and his friend watch


Man Dressed As Beetle Juice Scares Girl

In what looks like a train station, a man dressed as Beetle Juice is messing around with some people walking


Tornado In Tuscaloosa Alabama

There have been record numbers of tornadoes, flooding, and storms this spring. Who knows what summer will bring. One example is the


Tornado At St. Louis Airport

A tornado hit St. Louis's Lambert airport on Friday. Here is what it looked like inside. The tornado tore through the


Tornado Appears During Soccer Game

During a soccer game in Japan, out of no where a miniature tornado appeared. Kids and fans just run for


Hole Breaks In Southwest Plane To Sacramento

Every flight, the crew talks about if the cabin loses pressure, put on the oxygen mask that will fall from