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Snowman Scares People In Times Square

The Scary Snowman strikes again, this time in world famous Times Square, New York City. People can't help themselves from


News Crew Escapes Tsunami In Japan

A news crew in Japan were in their car when the tsunami after the quake hit. They had to choose:


Man Drives Burning Gas Truck Away From Neighborhood

At a gas station in Turkey, a gas truck caught fire, making a very serious and deadly situation. One brave


Birthday Girl’s Hair Catches Fire From Cake

This is my worth nightmare. I knew it was coming. Careful! I'm glad it didn't end as bad as it


Skier Point Of View Of Falling Off Cliff

Two skiers get ready to have some fun down a serious hill. At the 1:00 mark though the skier with


TSA Search Children Travelers AFTER Departing From Amtrak Train

With all that's going on these days, people seem to have forgotten that the TSA is destroying American freedom. Now


Shark Attacks Fishing Boat

A real life scene of Jaws takes place off the western Australian coast. A bunch of fishers are terrorized in


TSA Forces Disabled Boy To Remove Leg Braces

The tyranny of the TSA continues. A four year old disabled boy was not allowed through security without taking his


Standing On 900 Foot Tower In Russia

The famous viral video of workers climbing a 1700 foot network tower was bad enough. But at least they were


Ellen Writer Scared In Haunted House

Ellen sent her writer, Amy, through a scary maze at Universal Studios Hollywood. She does not like being scared and


Cartoon Bear Says Wiretapping Citizens Is Good

Trading rights and privacy for the ELLUSION of safety never works. Everyday, the government tries to take away citizen's rights


Man Screams: ‘We Are In The Tornado!’

Over and over again he screams, 'We are in the tornado! We are in the tornado!' I would be screaming