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The Building Is On Fire Auto Tune Remix

It's been a long while since the Web has seen a local news report interview go viral. But it's been


Zach Anner Is Songified Into ‘Lo Lo Lo Lo Lohan’ Music Video

Auto-tune masters Schmoyoho, aka The Gregory Brothers, couldn't help but notice how musical comedian Zach Anner's latest viral video was, so they


Band Turns Happy Songs Sad And Sad Songs Happy With Simple Trick

What makes a happy song 'happy' and a sad song 'sad'? The music masters of Schmoyoho, aka The Gregory Brothers, have


America Gone To Pot Auto Tune The News

The Gregory Brothers, also known as Schmoyoho, have returned to their roots to produce another Auto Tune The News video


Home Alone The Song

Since debuting in the 90's, Home Alone has become a modern Christmas classic.  In honor of Christmas Eve, The Gregory Brothers,


Flying Robot Auto Tune The News

Schmoyoho, AKA the Gregory Brothers, have looked inwards and found their roots, finally debuting a new Auto Tune The News


The War On Drugs Is a Failure Auto Tune The News

In order to celebrate 4-20 in style, The Gregory Brothers, aka the Auto Tune The News guys, made this music video


Obama Sings Let’s Stay Together Auto Tune Remix

Remember when Barack Obama went viralviral singing the first verse to Al Green's soulful classic Let's Stay Together? Well, now that