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Giant Trevally School Encircles Diver

[rumble][/rumble] While looking at and following a tiny school of spotted Trevally a huge school of Giant Trevally which snuck…

Eager Puppy Really Wants To Go To School!

Puppy Wants to Go to School Riding Backpack! Today we get to see how excited some puppies can be about…

Dad Joins His Son In Class To Teach Him A Lesson

What do you do as a dad to teach your son a lesson about school? Remember how you were embarrassed…

Accepting Student Loans

It's a bond for life!

Use Your Owns Words

When school forces you to be creative.

Bottle Flipping Troll

Teacher goes the extra mile to troll his students. LOL! [embed][/embed]

Go To School Like A Pro

This video shows you ten very handy school life hacks and how to get most out of your daily accessoires.…

This Cat Packed You A Lunch For School

How I Feel When I Drive By My Old High School

Teacher Greets Each Student With A Personalized Handshake

He. Is. So. Cool. And so are these kids! "Fifth-grade teacher Barry White Jr. of Ashley Park Elementary School in…

The Most Silly Powerpoint Presentation Of All Time

Chocolate Cake City uploaded this hilarious presentation performed by Pierce Campion. "Matrix Powerpoint" already got a quarter million views within…

These Kids Learn Maths With Rap

That is kind of catchy! Nadine Ebri did upload this enjoyable school rap as her first video on YouTube, instantly…


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