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Student Suspended Riding Horse To School On Dress As Knight Day Hamilton Wenham Regional High School

Today was dress as a knight day on school spirit week. This kid took it damn seriously and rode his


Math Teacher Pranks Class With Computer Projection Video For Halloween

In honor of Halloween, a math professor puts up his usual projection of his computer, but pretends to have trouble.


Animation Of Broken Education System

A speech by Sir Ken Robinson who explains our education system was made over 200 years ago. We are drugging


Worst School Band – Fear The Bear

I'm very afraid. This band is terrible, even the kids in the audience laughs at them. In band camp...


Asian Teacher Breaks Student’s Cell Phone

There are a few of these online, some real, some fake. This maybe either, but it's still hilarious. The fact


Pre-School Graduation – I Want To Be A Vampire Bat

The first kid wants to be a vampire bat when he grows up. Pretty cool aspirations. The second is a


Father Storms School Bus, Confronts Daughter’s Bully

A father storms a school bus and confronts the kids who bully his daughter. Though this maybe a little extreme,


FaceBook Page: ‘OMG Look What this Kid did to His School After Getting Expelled!’ – FAIL

This is so dumb, but it is going viral on Facebook. I don't understand why people would 'like' this, but


How To Carry Your Books At School Animation

The Tale Of Mere Existence. God I hate school, and f those 'big, cool kids'. This guys explains how to