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The Psychology Of Emojis Explained

We all use them - but why? Hank Green from the SciShow explains to us the psychology of emojis -


Truth Behind Freezer Burn

We've all been there before. We come home ready to have that frozen dinner we put away weeks ago only to


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Is there anything more annoying than being stuck with the hiccups? It doesn't matter who you are or where you


What Causes Brain Freeze

The face is an extremely sensitive part of your body. For good reason, with so many sensory organs all mashed


Why You Can’t Put Metal In The Microwave

As most people learn the hard way, you shouldn't put metal in a microwave oven as it usually results in


Why Is My Poop Green

With the help of Google, people have the world at their finger tips. You can find the answer to almost anything


What Happens After You Flush

Most people reading this website are lucky enough to live in a place that has running water and a sewage system. When


Explaining Facebook’s Secret Psychological Experiment

The Internet blew up in an uproar after Facebook disclosed that they had held a psychological experiment on their users


How Do Animals Re-Grow Limbs And Why Can’t We

One of the strangest natural phenomena in the Animal Kingdom is that some animals can regrow lost limbs. Starfish can


LeVar Burton Explains How Double Rainbows Form

The Internet is well aware of double rainbows after the famous Double Rainbow video went viral years ago. But in


Five Animals That Aren’t Dinosaurs

Most people assume all ancient animals basically fall under the same category of the dinosaur. But as Hank Green of


Meat-Eating Plants Are Creepy

Charles Darwin's favorite plant was the Drosera. The world famous scientist was simply fascinated by the plant's ability to eat