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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Deep Sea Nuke

Our favorite optimistic nihilist, Kurzgesagt considers the unpleasant question of what would happen if a nuclear bomb was detonated at the bottom of…

The Inside Of A Pimple (Gross!)

In case you wanted to know what a pimple really looks like... [embed][/embed]

Casually Explained: The Solar System

Solar system complicated? Not with this guy. [embed][/embed]

Why It’s Hard To Land On Mars

Space is difficult. Except for when it's explained in a cartoon. [embed][/embed]

Hilarious Science Fails

Science, serious business. Right? Wrong! There are some retards in science too unfortunately. [embed][/embed]

7 Signs That Cats Are Scientists

This video shows compelling evidence that cats are scientists. I'm just waiting for the cat-Einstein to emerge to explain to…

Melting A Padlock With A Hair Dryer

A hair dryer can reach unfathomable temperatures, but did you know you could melt a padlock with it? Looks pretty…

Why It Is Impossible To Tickle Yourself

The science is very clear--if you really want to be tickled, you're going to have to find someone else to…

What Can You Cut With Paper?

Paper cuts are a nasty thing, but did you ever wonder what other destruction paper is capable of?

Let’s Cut Open Cricket Balls, Just For The Fun Of It

New on What's Inside (yeah, we're fan of the show): what's inside a cricket ball? Not any cricket ball, mind…

Don’t Mix Electricity And Water! Let These Guys Do It For You!

Practically everyone knows electricity and water together is not a very good idea. These guys do as well, but yeah,…

Stunning View Above Mars – Fictive Video But Spectacular

Thousands of images taken by Nasa of Mars have been turned into panning video clips by Jan Fröjdman. The Fictive Flight…


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