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Dry Ice In Slime Has Awesome Results

As the Internet already knows very well, dry ice is always good for some entertaining science experiments. Being the self


‘Swimming’ In A Pool Of Tiny Orbeez Water Balls

Orbeez are fun little water balls, basically mini waterballoons with a stronger shell. Mark Rober had The Backyard Scientist had the ingenious


Why We Might Be Living In A Simulation

Movies such as The Truman Show and The Matrix left viewers forever wondering if perhaps we are in some type


Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower

It's darn hot out. How how? There are literally fires burning out of control across the States. The Backyard Scientist is sweating


Body Builder With No Heart Pulse

The heart is obviously considered the most important organ. So when someone has a heart condition, the situation couldn't be


Guy Builds Homemade Hydro-Electric Generator To Power Smart Phone

Is there anything worse that being lost in the woods? How about being lost in the woods with a dead


CD Players Are Stable In Zero Gravity When Turned On

Astronauts in space realized that a simple portable CD player acts as a very cheap gyroscope. When two are put


SpotMini Is The New Smaller Four Legged Robot From Boston Dynamics

By now, you've surely seen the countless viral videos featuring the many four legged robots by state of the art


Drinking A Cup Of Water In A Fighter Jet

Gravity is a funny thing. Just when you thought you fully understood the seemingly simple concept of physics, it proves


Could This Bendable Smartphone Be The Future

After both shrinking and then growing in size, it seems tech companies have hit the wall of what they can do


Leaf Cutter Ants Destroy Expensive Camera Equipment In Rainforest

Nature show The Jungle Diaries wanted to capture a few pictures of the jaguar in their habitat. So using expensive camera equipment, they set up


Your Brain Is Really Two Brains

Philosophers and scientists have been studying the human mind for centuries and learned long ago that the brain is made up