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John Oliver On Scientific Studies

You've most likely seen a news headline that seemed kind of outlandish. But it said that a study was done,


How Vending Machines Detect Specific Coins

Most of us take vending machines for granted these days. Though they have been around for quite sometime and appear


Truth Behind Freezer Burn

We've all been there before. We come home ready to have that frozen dinner we put away weeks ago only to


Bill Nye Bets Weatherman $20,000 The World Is Warming, Not Cooling

In case you missed it, bodybuilder and meteorologist Joe Bastardi challenged one of the Internet's favorite personalities, Bill Nye The Science Guy, to prove there


Guy Tries To Only Sleep Five Hours A Day By Only Taking Short Naps

Most of us feel like we don't get enough sleep and try our hardest to get more sleep. But instead


Shooting, Cutting, And Exploding Oobleck Science Experiment

The Backyard Scientist teamed up with Mark Rober to perform some super interesting science experiments. They made some oobleck, which is simply corn


Melting A Sock In Sulfuric Acid

As every student learns in the first day of chemistry lab, you do not mess with sulfuric acid. It's probably one of


Laser Hair Removal In Slow Motion

Today, there are more options than ever in the beauty aisle. Instead of simply plucking, ripping, or waxing hairs off


Dividing By Zero On A Mechanic Calculator

As we all learn in grade school, you can do nearly anything in arithmetic except divide a number by zero.


Antibubbles In Water Will Blow Your Mind

First let's figure out what in the world an antibubble even is. On the International Space Station, everything of course


Microrobots Pull A Car

The age of robots is here! The scientists at Stanford looked to ants for their inspiration for this latest successful science experiment.


Sphere Tires Concept By Goodyear

Since the wheel was invented back in the stone age, it has basically stayed the same. But the Goodyear tire company wants to change