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Father And Son Send Camcorder Into Space!

This father and son team set out to do the coolest homemade science experiment ever. After months of research and


Fruit Decaying Time Lapse Over 74 days

Nature is amazing. A bowl of fruits and vegetables decomposing over 74 days displayed in just a minute and a


Climbers Go Into Volcano, Climb Next To Boiling Lava

These climber go basically as deep into a volcano possible. They even have to wear crazy heat suits. The lava


What Would Happen If You Put Your Hand In The Hadron Collider

Scientist are asked the ultimate question. What would happen if you touch the beam of protons in the Hadron Collider?


Spray On Clothing

Some genius has to much time on his hands and created spray on clothes. It's not spray paint, but a


Google Instant Search Song Of Elements

In honor of the new Google Instant search, here's a song of all the Elements using Google.


Girl Says First 100 Digits Of Pi While Twisting A Rubik’s Cube And Balancing 15 Books On Head

This girl must be a genius. She recites 100 digits of pi by heart, while balancing 15 books on her


Engineers Turn Robot Arm Into F1 Ferrari Simulator

The driver sits in a cockpit simulator on a huge robotic arm. The arm reacts to the input from the


NASA Engineer Dancing ‘The Robot’ Next To New Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’

What a cool nerd. He was asked by someone in a NASA chat room to dance in view of the live